The Best Orchard for Picking Apples: Madison WI Children’s Photographer

There are several orchards in Madison WI that offer u-pick apples. It’s tough to go wrong with any of them: beautiful trees adorned with plump apples of all varieties, little stores with cider and other harvest-themed items, friendly people who make you want to live in the country. We love picking apples as a family in the Madison WI area. In truth, we love it so much, an apple-picking day is generally how we celebrate my husband’s birthday. He’s such a good sport.

Our orchard of choice is Door Creek Orchard in Cottage Grove. Located just off the interstate, they have an expansive orchard that never feels crowded, even during peak picking season. They also have never failed us in terms of quality or variety. Offering nearly 20 varieties of apples, we love that they offer our family favorites of Jonagold and Honeycrisp, at a very decent price. This year, we lived on the edge and bought some Jonamac and Cortland, and they did not disappoint. We also visit Door Creek Orchard in August to pick raspberries, on my birthday, because raspberries happen to be my favorite fruit. I digress, back to apples. When you arrive, a knowledgeable person greets you to inform you what apples are ready for picking and how to locate them on their orchard. My daughter loves traveling through the orchard in one of the wagons they have out for customers. After picking, you pay for your goodies in a cute little store. On the day we recently picked apples, they were offering an apple treat with whipped cream and caramel. Need I say more?

OK, now for the best part about Door Creek Orchard: It is a photographer’s paradise with expansive views, grassy trails and cute hand-painted signs. They also have a small pond with a picnic area nearby. Perfect for both picnics and photo opportunities. The piece de la resistance is the large weeping willow tree near the pond. Photographers love using weeping willow trees for the beautiful backgrounds they provide. When shooting at a wide aperture, the branches look like a beautiful watercolor.

So that’s why I love Door Creek Orchard and look forward to our visits there every summer and fall. I encourage you to give them a try. While you’re there, you could take a photograph like this one. See what I mean about the Weeping Willow effect?


Madison WI Family Photographer

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